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  1. Snowy

    Billis_Boot Ban Appeal

    Unban Application - Appeal - Granted
  2. Snowy

    Roger/Ninjakillpvp's Staff Application

    Accepted Welcome to the staff team! Contact me on discord for your interview : Z3N #0001 -Zen
  3. Snowy

    Tech's Staff Application

    Welcome to Staff Team - Accepted -
  4. Snowy

    kenelement101's Content Creator Application

    Denied Does not meat requirements of our content creator guidelines
  5. Snowy

    EarnedRock's Content Creator Application

    Accepted You will be on trial for Content Creator. You will receive your role in game.
  6. Snowy

    Courtnip's Staff Application

    You've been accepted! Welcome to the staff team! -Zen
  7. Snowy

    The forums are reactivated!