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Creative Buidling Event - Prizes Included!


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Dec 24, 2018
Hello arcaners minecrafters children diamond miners gamers,

Thanks to Godalions (our offical Esports organisation partner), starting Thursday 10th October, Arcane Realms will be hosting a creative building event where everyone can compete to be the best builder for a prize! The event will start Thursday night at 8:00PM UK time (convert the time HERE) and will run all the way through until Sunday 13th October, and will end 8:00PM on that Sunday. This gives 3 whole days to build something awesome. After the time is up, the server will be closed to the public and the judges will step in and vote on what build is the best, and 1st place will win either £20 OR the equivalent rank (Premium+) from our Buycraft Store and 2nd place will win either £5 OR the equivalent rank from our Buycraft Store. The rules are listed below:

  • Each player has access to 1 plot. This plot is 100x100 blocks, and goes from build limit to bedrock.
  • The building theme is MEDIEVAL! Any non-related builds will not be counted in the final judging process.
  • You may partner with 1 other player:
    • This player may claim a plot next to yours and merge it, allowing you to make a 200x100 plot. This may be helpful if you plan on making a larger town, city. Use /plot merge while standing in your own plot and facing the plot you want to merge with. The other player MUST use /plot trust <player name> to allow you to do this.
    • No more than 2 players are allowed to participate on the same plot. Teaming is not allowed in any way for any reason - We will be regulating this.
  • WorldEdit is allowed - Anyone abusing or using it maliciously will no longer be allowed to use WorldEdit - This WILL extend into any future events on Arcane Realms.
  • (Seems obvious, but i'll include it anyway for all the "Don"s out there) Don't be a twit on the server. Yes, you have creative mode. The anti cheat is still enabled and any items classed as malicious are taken from you. Don't try to use them, they won't work.
  • Attempting to sabotage any other player's builds is classed as griefing, which is a perm-bannable offense on our network - don't do it, you wouldn't like it.
How Do I Join?
To join, simply connect to play.arcane-realms.net on any version from 1.8 all the way through to 1.14.4 (the server runs 1.14.4 so you will be missing out on features, blocks and items!) and type /events, or use the dedicated IP for the events server: events.arcane-realms.net