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Lucario818's Staff Application

Mar 20, 2020
User name: Lucario818

Minecraft username: Lucario818

Discord name & tag: Lucario818#6177

Any previous punishments on any Arcane Realms servers: Mute

Link to the punishment on our punishment panel: https://punishments.arcane-realms.com/info.php?type=mute&id=16

Screenshot upload of your punishment: 2020-03-19_17.22.39.png

Reasoning for why this punishment is invalid: it provides no reason what so ever and I received no warning at all.

Do you understand that you appeal may not be successful, and that asking about your appeal's status or arguing about the denial of this appeal may result in a ban, mute or kick from the forums and/ or the Minecraft server. By filling in this appeal, you acknowledge you are submitting truthful and accurate reasons as to why your punishment was invalid, and that if it is inaccurate you may be susceptible to the punishments listed above. Yes